It's our honor to pay tribute to one fellow Söldner-X gamer who has been topping the higher difficulty mode ranking lists for the majority of the year: Griever73. His nightmare run from September 16th was the first single credit play-through achieved on the highest (and indeed tough) difficulty mode.

Although his high score meanwhile tumbled (beaten by Turrican4, who has consistently been one of the close runner ups in the global ranking table), we are now proud to officially release a full play-through video of Griever73's 2,870,003 points (17,220,018 points in the global ranking table) nightmare run on Youtube.

Check out the complete game beaten on the highest difficulty mode by one of the best... and see if you can improve your own game!

The complete play-through takes a bit more than one hour and has been split into ten videos. The full playlist can be accessed and watched in higher resolution right here:

Alternatively you can directly watch the videos embedded into this page (in lower resolution) right here.