Another week has passed and this time we are delighted to say Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Benvenuto, Willkommen (...) to fellow gamers from Europe, Australia and a few other spots of the world.

With more people from around the globe joining today, we are especially curious about the results in our online leaderboards during the next couple of days and weeks. Although it's already shaking up a little bit, online high scores and ranking table remain dominated mostly by gamers in the US, but let's see how long those results will stand.

What other notable things are there to report from the last week? First of all, we've got a new leader on the high score charts. Eternal_Spoon now tops the table with an indeed very impressive score of 2,953,447 points. Not too bad at all, but can the 3 million mark be broken anytime soon?

The global ranking table remains in hands of Griever73, who has topped his result from last week. 7,657,125 points are a result of his 1,531,425 point run on impossible difficulty mode, reaching stage 4-3 with a single credit.

Thanks again to everyone showing his (or her) support. More than 30,000 high scores have been uploaded up-to-day and we expect this number to increase further during the Christmas holidays. Until then, merry Christmas and happy gaming everyone!