After a very dominant first North American week, we are welcoming gamers from Asian territories today, joining the growing Söldner-X community.

As a very short recap of last week, we've noticed an increasing number of players joining the club of gamers that have beaten all five stages of Söldner-X on a single credit. Be reminded, only the score achived with your first credit accounts for your online high score. And don't forget, there are a total of five stages in the game. Have you discovered them all yet?

We are also pleased to see the first scores achieved on impossible and nightmare level by (hardcore gamer) NeoZanac, who is on target to reach the top spot in our Most Lethal ranking table, currently still held by caesar, who is actively playing the PC version of Söldner-X.

The top global ranking position is still held by Griever73. 5,652,748 points in the global ranking table have been a result of his impressive 1,413,187 score on hard difficulty.

Be reminded, European gamers are officially set to join next week. Until then, don't give up and keep your scores coming in...