Downloads, High Scores, nervous sysadmins en masse in the first 24 hours of release of Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer on the North American PlayStation Store.

Only three words: "Thank you guys!".

We've not expected this amount of new registrations within the first 24 hours and can just let you know how grateful we are for all your support! New users keep coming in, high scores being uploaded (a few good ones already - our internal QA team uttered words like 'that fast... not expected... awesome... cannot be...'). They are the ones who know the game inside out yet many of you have sent in high scores that were beyond we thought is possible to achieve so quickly.

Here's a little system status update: All in all we're very happy how the servers hold up, we haven't heard of any major problem (had a slight issue with in-game high score lists that was fixed quickly - cause here was stress on the servers - and a slight issue with new user registrations - cause again was stress on the servers - which was fixed quickly as well). Haven't received any (direct or indirect) threat emails and nobody was followed home or waited upon on dark street alleys.

Some of you may (yet) not know that your in-game scores are being uploaded, verified, and published on the website plus they're being broadcast back into the game. We started this with the PC Version (which, we must state again, has little to do with the PS3(r) version after all), and it works well. It was a cheat-proof system on PC and it is even more cheat-proof on PS3(r) so we all encourage you to play online, to see how well you fare against the rest of the world. Or, on a smaller scale, against your friends.

At the time of writing, the notable high scores are

Very Easy

2,172,769 by NeoZanac

Normal (that's more difficult than the default "easy")

1,413,671 by Griever73

Griever73 therefore leads the current ranking, which is a simple Score * Difficulty calculation. It is discussed here.

The rankings can be found on our community pages.