Tune in to the upcoming PSN release of Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer with the Complete Edition Original Soundtrack CD.

Composed, arranged and produced by Rafael Dyll, the album contains all tracks based on the popular shoot'em up video game, including all additional tracks only found in the PLAYSTATION®3 system release version.

The soundtrack adds to the dark and moody concept of Söldner-X with tracks a little less cinematic but more arcade style. Just to underline some highlights, included are the intro-sequence with vocal acting by Dagmar Harrolds in a magnificently dignified narrating voice and the Vangelis-inspired main theme "Mercenary-X", depicting the hero's calling for saving the world as we know it.

Next to three new berserker tracks, each boss was treated to a completely new BGM, which makes it a total of seven brand new tracks added to the Complete Edition Soundtrack. The music content for the PS3™ has grown to 24 pieces in total, not counting unused melodies or the many cut-scenes recorded. This CD is therefore the most complete collection of the audio found in Söldner-X.

The album features CD TEXT support but can also be played on any other standard compact disc player. Check out Rafael Dyll's Preview Medley (Running time: 4:18min) for a sneak preview.

The Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer Original Soundtrack Complete Edition soundtrack CD can be preordered at Play-Asia.com at a price of US$ 14.90 only, shipping in late October 2008.

Full track list:

1. Opening/Prologue
2. Logo
3. Mercenary-X (Main Theme)
4. Soldier unleashed
5. Running mad (Berzerker I)
6. BIG trouble
7. Industrial Menace
8. Hit and Run (Berzerker II)
9. Bite me! (Dance to the Dragon Mix)
10. Hyper Space Assault
11. Massive Attack Syndrome (Berzerker III)
12. Juggernaut
13. The Eye of the Storm
14. War above the Clouds
15. Lord of the Wind
16. Compulsion to destroy (Boss Victory)
17. New High-Score
18. Game Over
19. Lurking Evil
20. Serenity (game select)
21. The Square Root of Cube
22. The End
23. Back to the Roots (Credits)
24. Cutscene (Instrumental)

25. The Hero (Alternative Hi-Score)