Welcome to the Söldner-X Community. We have just newly launched our community pages and give you a brief overview of cool things we've prepared. The Soldner-X.com community pages give you plenty of reasons to waste time. More importantly, you can chill out after chasing that High Score and check out what we have here.

While Söldner-X is just being released and sent out to retailers as we speak, we're getting ready for the big show. Some things may change and some things will be improved, but it's not a bad start. Right now, we have:

  • Rankings
    We use an algorithm, designed by our unsurpassed handicapping committee, to make scores more comparable across our ranges of difficulty levels and resolution settings. This creates a true benchmark of your abilities. While the High-Scores page shows every single one of your attempts to master our game, the Rankings table gives us ONE ultimate hero. Each battler is only listed once, and the resulting position is also used on your dog-tag. It pays to play with the difficulty set to normal, or even higher. Oh, and, we're still tweaking these algorithms, so bear with us if you happen to switch positions.

  • High Scores
    This page lists untweaked scores, uploaded by our fellow battlers for peace and justice, from players around the planet. They can be filtered by World, Difficulty and Resolution settings. Higher difficulties tend to yield less scores, keep that in mind. Smaller resolutions do the same, as it makes playing just a tad harder, as you can simply spot enemies earlier when playing at a width of 1280 than you would when playing at a width of 1024.

  • Profile
    Show other battlers who you are. Who you really are. The profile page lists your heroic deeds in great detail. It's your publicly-recognizable identity. Keep it current. How? By uploading loads and loads of games. The profile also includes a linkable dog-tag which you are encouraged to embed on your forum footers or just about anywhere you like. Show off, with pride, your position achieved. And it better be a good one.

  • Contacts
    You now have family. A real family. Find the battlers you idolize and hook up with them. Exchange messages, tactics (although we'd love for you to share your tactics in the forums), and cheats. Wait, disregard that, there aren't any (or are there? *wink*). The contacts are pretty much still WIP, so bear with us.

  • Who's Online
    Find out who's playing right now. See what world they're battling in. And, then, do the same. In fact, earth's destiny lies in your hands.

    Click on any of them right now. However, understand that some options (profile comes to mind) requires you to use the online mode in the game to create an account. There's no way right now to create an account on the website, and, seriously, it wouldn't do much good. After all, you need your account to show off your Söldner-X prowess so it would be little use without the game.

    Shoot'Em Up! With no delay.