Compared to last month, it's a relatively small update that we've got to present this time. Nevertheless we didn't want to withhold it from all fans eagerly checking back often for updates. A total of 15 new work in progress images can now be found in our Media Section, reflecting an approx. 65% development stage.

Though content remains subject to changes, you may notice an improvement on the overall enemy design, now better matching each scenario. Söldner-X will feature more than 100 uniquely designed foes, not including boss battles.

World 2, Industrial Menace is an underground world that especially requires tactical skills in order to find your way through various barricades, combined with hidden mines, mashers, laser barriers and of course hundreds of foes waiting to bury you. Industrial Menace contains three stages, such as a production line where enemy fighters are assembled by the dark forces, a storage depot as well as an energy complex with pipelines, ventilator and other technical equipments.

Further, the Extras Section received a small update, now containing two new items ("Weapon Cooler" and "Score x2"), next to a general redesign of various other icons.

Last but not least, we'd still like to hear your opinion for what system you would like to see Söldner-X developed. So far, more than 3000 votes have been made, currently resulting into a strong lead in favor of a PLAYSTATION®3 (PLAYSTATION®Network) release. Let us know your preference and feel free to exchange your opinion with other members in our Official Forums.