New PLAYSTATION®3 system features:

  • Visual improvements including y-scrolling, new background animations, newly added effects and more
  • Contains new enemies, incl. newly crafted standard foes and larger sub boss battles
  • Additional boss battle and berserker mode BGM (seven brand new tracks in total!)
  • New sound effects added for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Rebalanced game play with an easier default difficulty
  • Rebalanced high score system, including new victory screens
  • DUALSHOCK®3 and optional SIXAXIS™ support
  • Trophies support

PC Version feature list:

  • 12 stages of beautiful parallax graphics and animations, staged across 4 fantastic world/space settings
  • High definition graphics in 720p (16:9)
  • Supports 2-Player Co-Op Play (simultaneously)
  • Beautiful weather effects (such as rain, fog and lightning)
  • Detailed background animations
  • Classic design, yet state-of-the-art shooter technology
  • Unique upgrade weapon system with five standard weapon types
  • Never before seen tactical elements such as chaining, effectiveness system, 'berserker' mode and much more
  • Plenty of hidden bonus features
  • More than 20 extras (with both positive and negative effects!)
  • Addictive collection quests
  • Over-the-top boss fights
  • Features a superb soundtrack and sound effects
  • Bi-lingual story mode (English/Japanese)
  • Six modes of difficulty: very easy, easy, normal, hard, impossible, nightmare
  • Easy to learn, yet tough to master
  • Online high score ranking
  • Constant frame rate (60fps)*

System Requirements (PC Version)
CPUPentium compatible with at least 1GHz (MMX or 3D-Now required)Pentium compatible with at least 2GHz (MMX or 3D-Now required)
RAM512MB RAM (Vista: 1GB RAM)1GB RAM (Vista: 2GB RAM)
Video CardDirectX 8.1 compatible 3D video card with at least 64MB Video RAM and texture compression (i.e. Geforce 4 Ti or better)DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D video card with at least 256MB Video RAM (i.e. Geforce 6800 or better)
Operating SystemGenuine Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista***Genuine Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista***
DirectXVersion 8.1 or better and up-to-date video card driverVersion 8.1 or better and up-to-date video card driver
SoundDirectX 8.1 compatible sound cardDirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
InputPC compatible keyboardDirectX 8.1 compatible game pad with analog stick
Drive16x CD-ROM drive48x CD-ROM drive and about 1GB free HDD space
Internet Connection**56k modem or fasterBroadband DSL or faster

*A constant frame rate of 60fps only guaranteed at recommended system requirements or above.
**For high score upload.
***Not fully compatible with Vista 64bit.