The future.

Conceyta, a celestial planet and its moon orbit in a dust and gas covered solar system. Within, a lurking evil, yet unknown to man and bearing a danger so much bigger than any threat yet witnessed. First picA dark, mysterious power has manifested itself in the depths of the gas giant, absorbing life and technology and assimilating all in its wake. Spacecraft, pilots, androids and computers, nothing is safe. No one can escape the virus that infects all life forms, turning once brave heroes and peaceful colonists alike into ravaging, chaotic forces, fighting each other and infecting more in the process. Soulless technology and hate-driven humanoids are all that's left of Earths' once proud fleet, thirsting for more destruction and flesh.

The Galaxy as we know it is threatening to fall apart. War, death and bedlam have taken hold of civilisation. Man is at the brink of extinction.

Not yet infected, Earths final front, the resistance, a band of mercenaries, soldiers and civilians, have one goal in common: To stop the deadly infection and destroy the core of all evil, hidden in the depths of Conceyta. Scouts have undertaken a merciless mission to bring detailed plans and data on the location of the power and its defence line. A last attempt to save mankind. So it has come to be that the last remaining pilot, a mercenary and bounty hunter, is the only chance of survival, ironically driven by the desire for wealth and fame. Left with little choice, the resistance has developed a star fighter capable of intercepting the evil force, equipped with a deadly weapon system and of utmost agility. With no time to lose, the tenth and final prototype of the ship is handed to the pilot. It's name: "Söldner-X". Should the pilot succeed, a name that shall live on in the memories of man forever to come. And so the battle begins...